tracking down a lockup problem

Andreas Bernauer fedora at
Wed Jun 6 11:12:48 UTC 2007

Jeffrey Ross wrote on Tue, Jun 05 2007 at 15:34 (-0400):
> > Jeffrey Ross wrote on Tue, Jun 05 2007 at 09:36 (-0400):
> >> I'm having system lockup problems with Fedora 7.  This is running on a
> >> machine that ran FC6 for long stretches of time without reboot.
> attached are links to the output of dmesg and /var/log/messages (last two
> reboots)  I left them as links due to their size.  If anybody has
> suggestions I'd appreciate it.

As Hugh already mentioned, it would help when you describe what you
experience as a "lockup", and what you did before the lockup.  I first
understood you that the lockup happens at boot time, but your logs
don't show this.  Was the reboot at Jun 5 15:18:52 after the lockup?
I don't see anything special there except that the TFTP transfer
(4172) did not seem to have stopped.


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