binding IPs

Mikkel L. Ellertson mikkel at
Wed Jun 6 16:25:59 UTC 2007

LC wrote:
> IP Masq is running fine on the nix router and no problem
> accessing the internet. But i need this machine to have a public IP so i
> can access to it remotely on ssh and ftp
I think you had better show us a diagram of your network. From what
you had posted, it sounded like this box had eth0 connected to the
Internet, and eth1 connected to the local network. But it sounds
like this in not the case. So we would need to know what eth0
connects to, and how this machine hooks to the Internet. Something like:

                           | (eth0)
                      Linux router
                           | (eth1)
                           | (eth1)
                       Samba server -----(eth0)-----> something

It sounds like you you may not need the current eth0 on the Samba
machine, and need to forward a couple of ports from the Linux router
to the Samba server. Or you may want to set up the Samba box as a
DMZ server. (I wouldn't, but it is you call.)


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