Installing F7 by CD and not by DVD

Philip Walden pwaldenlinux at
Wed Jun 6 16:43:28 UTC 2007

Tony Nelson wrote:
> At 2:31 PM +0800 6/6/07, Wong Kwok-hon wrote:
>> Hello,
>> So will FC7 release in CD iso images ???
> No, the Fedora Project will not release a CD set equivalent to the DVD.
> Making CD images like the DVD image requires first installing F7 (possibly
> in mock).  John Reiser has just made CD images, and has made a torrent
> available temporarily at <> .  If this is to work
> out, those who download that way must share ("seed") more than they
> download.
> Fedora can be installed from a Live CD, but not upgraded from an earlier
> release that way.  Note that the 64-bit Fedora Live CDs needs DVDs to hold
> them, but the 32-bit Fedora Live CDs will fit on an 80 minute (700 MB) CD.
> Installing additional packages not on the Live CD requires Internet access
> on the box.
> If it is possible to do a Hard Disk install as described in the
> Installation Guide, and the DVD can be downloaded onto the machine, then
> the Rescue CD image can be burned and the install done that way.  If the
> machine does not have Internet access, the DVD image might be moved onto
> the machine on CDs by using any sort of file splitting utility, such as tar.
I have two hard disks, hda and hdb. Does it matter which one has the  F7 
DVD iso file.

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