livna nvidia driver problems

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Wed Jun 6 18:07:12 UTC 2007

On 6/6/07, Alexander Volovics <awol at> wrote:
> I installed the kmod-nvidia, etc, rpms from livna today
> on an x86_64 system but got the error:
> 'could not open /dev/nvidiactl'.
> Others seem to have got them working. There seems to have been
> an nvidia update to correct this.
> Can somebody who has this working specify the correct nvidia rpms.
I use the i386 ones and experienced this when I did my install. The
updated livna rpms corrected this. There were also problems with
selinux with the old rpms. You need a
/etc/udev/makedev.d/60-nvidia.nodes with the following, one per line:


I guess if you upgrade to the nvidia *1.0.9762* rpms, this might solve
your problems.

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