FC6 portable hard drive -

Bob Goodwin - W2BOD bobgoodwin at wildblue.net
Wed Jun 6 20:31:47 UTC 2007

Mike McCarty wrote:
> Bob Goodwin - W2BOD wrote:
>> My daughter has a Samsung portable hard drive that she handed me to 
>> copy the F7-DVD-iso file to so that she can burn the DVD on her Mac.
>> It plugs in to the usb port and I figured I would see it when I did 
>> lsusb, but no, it's not there.  So I have found yet another obstacle 
>> to installing F7!
>> Should I expect Fedora Core 6 to find that drive when I plug it in?  
>> What do I do next?  Or is it just another gadget that won't work in 
>> Linux?
> FC2 is capable of mounting a USB drive. What file system do you have
> on it?
> Mike
Ok, the problem is solved, the portable hard drive was automatically 
mounted as /Media/PLEOMAX and I was able to transfer the .iso file to 
it.  Now if she can burn the image and not produce another DVD with a 
.iso file I will be good to go!  The Mac is an unknown quantity to me ...

Thanks all for the help.

Bob Goodwin

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