Proposal for New Installation Features

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>The partition label (old mount point) is reported on the popup 
>where you select the new mount point.  I was pleased to see 
>that in F7, that applies to LVM volumes as well.  If you stick 
>with the Fedora default labels, you should be OK there, but 
>there have been other discussions about whether the mount 
>point is the right thing to put in the label.

Since reading more about labels for F7 I've labeled my existing systems
something like this:

device       label         mount point
------       -----         -----------
/dev/sda1    disk1boot     /boot
/dev/sda3    disk1root     /
/dev/sdb1    disk2usrlocal /usr/local

When I try to install, anaconda reports the labels correctly, and when I
select the proper mount point and have / and /boot reformatted, the
labels get changed to:

device       label         mount point
------       -----         -----------
/dev/sda1    /boot         /boot         
/dev/sda3    /             /             
/dev/sdb1    disk2usrlocal /usr/local    # no change

My desire is to keep my old partition labels because I move disks around
a lot and a unique label for existsing partitions, whether or not I
reformatted the disk, would be useful in many cases.


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