NFS Fedora 7

Tom Weniger trweniger at
Wed Jun 6 22:41:33 UTC 2007

On 6/6/07, CH <linux at> wrote:
> Hello all,
> I did a fresh install of Fedora 7 off the live CD. After that I did a yum
> install what I wanted and updated it.
> With FC6 I have no problem connecting to a another linux box using NFS.
> Now I have a problem doing that.
> When I try to mount it, it says "input/output error". What the heck am I
> missing here?
> Thanks,
> Will
Greetings Will,

I believe that the new version (NFSv4) has quite a few changes in it
that I was planning on learning this weekend. It also seems that
portmapper has been deprecated since I cannot find it locally or on
the repositories. Suggestions from the rest of the gallery would be
appreciated too.

Tom W

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