fc7 problem with xorg configuration

Tony Nelson tonynelson at georgeanelson.com
Thu Jun 7 01:56:12 UTC 2007

At 3:36 AM +0530 6/7/07, Rahul Sundaram wrote:
>Joe Smith wrote:
>> So my questions are:
>> 1) Shouldn't Anaconda/system-config-display detect my monitor?
>Yes. File a bug report against your Xorg driver in
>http://bugzilla.redhat.com if it doesn't.
>> 2) Is the Screen section being deprecated?
>Yes. The goal is to auto detect everything and only use the
>configuration file for user specific customizations
>> 3) If so, then is there an easier way to get my required configuration?
>> I mean, it would sweet if running system-config-display was all I needed
>> to do.
>It wouldn't be even better if no configuration tools were required.

Hard to do in his case, as the system would have to read his mind to know
which three or four resolutions he wants to keep:

At 1:47 PM -0400 6/6/07, Joe Smith wrote:
>I depend on the Ctrl+Alt+{plus,minus} function to switch resolutions,
>but the default xorg.conf output has always produced a half-dozen or
>more modes, which is too many to be of any practical use but I can
>easily reduce this to the three or four I need. When the xorg.conf has
>no Screen section, it's of no use to me.
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