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Thu Jun 7 04:32:55 UTC 2007

On Thursday 07 June 2007 12:28:40 am Mail List wrote:
> Interestingly - when the mailling list sent my own signed message back it
> failed verification!
>  the 2 parts that are signed - first is a suite of headers - one of which
> is sender - the mail list manager replaced the sender header removing the
> original one (with my email address) and replacing it with fedora-bounces.
> Of course this cannot be verified anymore.
> This suggests that the Sender: field should not be signed - for mailing
> lists anyway - From and the remaining  fields could continue to be used.

Ok further reading shows that its ok (in fact desirable) to change the Sender 
field but then they mail list manager should sign the new header as well ... 

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