How to get the update notifications working on a installed Fedora KDE Live CD? + wireless problems + RHGB

Mark markg85 at
Thu Jun 7 19:09:05 UTC 2007

sorry, not working :( (switching back to 1280x800).
i think it`s not a RHGB related issue.. more a X related issue that doesn`t
see ny card or something??

2007/6/7, Kam Leo <kam.leo at>:
> On 6/7/07, Mark <markg85 at> wrote:
> > yum-updatesd wasn`t installed for me.
> > i`m not sure about puplet.. i will check that livecd to know for sure
> >
> > > Try using one of the vga=7xx settings in your grub.conf.
> >
> > I tried that just a few minutes ago and it doesn`t seems to be working..
> > perhaps because i have widescreen? (1280x800)
> > does anyone know what the vga=??? code is for that resolution? i
> couldn`t
> > find it.
> >
> The closest you're going to get in VGA is 1280x768.
> The objective of my suggestion is to find a mode such that RHGB will
> function on your system. Try dropping down in resolution to 1024x768?
> If none of this works you haven't lost much. After all, rhgb is only
> on for a very short time.
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