FC7 user dead

Perry Myers pmyers at redhat.com
Thu Jun 7 22:34:04 UTC 2007


I've seen this happen as well, and it wasn't disk related for me either.  What I did find though was that there was a correlation between having esd enabled and the locking up on login.  

Try editing:

in the user's home directory (from either root or a console login) and set event_sounds and enable_esd to false.  They try logging in again.

If this works please let me know...


antonio montagnani wrote:
> 2007/6/7, mack <mack.sessoms at gmail.com>:
>> in this situation, i usually log in as root and go after everything in
>> /tmp
>> that has the non-working userid in the file or directory name, log out
>> root,
>> try to log back in as user
> what is strange is that if I log as root I find many processes still
> running under the sleeping user (i.e.gam_server, esd,
> bonobo-activation-server, nautilus)
> And after logging out from that user also the session closure window
> freezes and the only way to log out is by Ctrl+Alt+Backspace!!!
> Maybe the only way is to delete the user and re-create it, using all
> backup files..

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