How to update in Fedora7

Gene Heskett gene.heskett at
Fri Jun 8 01:03:27 UTC 2007

On Thursday 07 June 2007, Kam Leo wrote:
>On 6/7/07, Gene Heskett <gene.heskett at> wrote:
>> On Thursday 07 June 2007, Kevin Kempter wrote:
>> >Is yum still available in Fedora 7?
>> yes, have pirut install it and yumex.
>> >Is smart a better method? Are there others?
>> yes, I like it better, a lot better for FC6, but so far I've not found a
>> config file that will run it against the re-arranged F7 repos.  And my
>> questions/requests for such a lashup have been so far ignored.  The
>> version shipped for F7 points at the devel branches only, aka rawhide I
>> guess.
>> --
>> Cheers, Gene
>Gene, you must of missing my reply to your post in another thread. I'm
>surprised that it has not made it out of testing. Look in
>fedora/updates/testing/7/i386 for

Thanks Kam, I have the lappy (the F7 machine) booting right now.  Now if yumex 
could get out of its own way... That thing isn't just slow, its been frozen 
on primarysqlite.bz2 for a good 5 minutes now.  But it quit just as if it was 
alive.  Pirut I don't know how to control, yum hangs if I enable that repo, 
and smart doesn't know about it.

found it with yumex, installed it, but no new updates are showing in smart.  
That seems odd.

Cheers, Gene
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