Any way to get to grub.conf from XP?

Tony Nelson tonynelson at
Fri Jun 8 01:06:31 UTC 2007

At 7:00 PM -0400 6/7/07, Arch Willingham wrote:
>I have a machine that I need to be able to dual boot between XP and FC7.
>It dual boots just fine but I need to be able to work on it remotely. When
>it is running FC7, I can remotely set default=1 in grub.conf, reboot and
>it is then running XP. The problem is the other way around, while I can
>remotely control XP, once I am in XP, I have no way of getting to
>grub.conf so that I can then set default=0.
>Does that make sense?

Yes.  I think access to grub.conf from XP will require EXT2/3 drivers for
XP.  I haven't used them.

What I do is boot with the regular NT boot loader, with an entry in
boot.ini to run a copy of the grub bootsector on the MSWindows boot volume
(C:).  That just runs grub the regular way.  Booting takes a few seconds
longer unless I press RETURN 3 times, once for NTLDR, and twice for grub.

The thing I sometimes forget is to update the boot sector copy when grub is
updated or re-installed, as the boot sector points to the disk blocks for
grub stage 2.
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