Where did lib64 directories come from

Langdon Stevenson langdon at lindenrow.com.au
Fri Jun 8 02:44:22 UTC 2007


> Is there any real advantage to using either 32 bit or 64 bit binaries
> on a 64 bit CPU?   For most programs, not really, mostly since very few
> folks have anywhere near 32 bits worth (let alone more)  of real memory.
> Yeah... you can write larger programs with 64 bit binaries, but without
> the real memory to run 'em in, most large programs (even 32 bit ones)
> grow right up to the point were they exceed available memory, start
> swapping and then sloooow waaaaaaaaaaay dowwwwwwwwnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.

Having just switched from a 32 bit kernel and apps to a 64 bit kernel 
and apps on the same hardware (Core 2 Duo E6600) that the machine seemed 
a bit more responsive than previously.  I wasn't looking for an 
improvement, just noticed that it was all a bit "snappier" than before. 
  Apps load a little faster, machine seems a little more responsive.

This was totally unexpected, but a nice surprise.


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