FC7 user dead

Andrea Mastellone andrea.mastellone at fastwebnet.it
Fri Jun 8 08:31:02 UTC 2007

antonio montagnani wrote:

> what is strange is that if I log as root I find many processes still
> running under the sleeping user (i.e.gam_server, esd,
> bonobo-activation-server, nautilus)
> And after logging out from that user also the session closure window
> freezes and the only way to log out is by Ctrl+Alt+Backspace!!!
> Maybe the only way is to delete the user and re-create it, using all
> backup files..

I had simillar problem: when I log in in F7 the session freezes with a 
empty screen. I found that esd hangs the login process. I resolved it by 
deleting gnome settings and leaving sound in gnome disabled.

Workaround: when you login, switch to text mode, and kill esd.


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