OpenOffice problems on F7

Quentin Spencer qspencer at
Fri Jun 8 15:27:09 UTC 2007

I recently upgraded from FC6 using the DVD. It looks great, and 
everything is working fine except OpenOffice, which is silently failing 
at startup. I started using the desktop links, then the command line to 
start it. I removed it and reinstalled from the yum repositories, and 
still the same result. It's possible there's a missing or corrupted 
library somewhere, but I get no error messages, so I have no idea where 
to start. I even tried running 
/usr/lib/ in gdb. It loads a couple of 
libraries and then gives me "Program exited with code 0116." The odd 
thing is, I've upgraded 3 computers and I'm seeing the same behavior on 
all of them. Has anyone else seen this? Any ideas on how to debug this?


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