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Gene Heskett gene.heskett at
Fri Jun 8 17:52:52 UTC 2007

On Friday 08 June 2007, Kam Leo wrote:
>On 6/8/07, Claude Jones <claude_jones at> wrote:
>> On Friday June 8 2007 8:06:11 am Gene Heskett wrote:
>> > Where the heck does it keep a log of what its done?
>> good question - it has a 'Log Window' option under the view menu but mine
>> is empty, even though I just installed a bunch of stuff
>> --
>> Claude Jones
>The feature is not present. It is on a to do list. As good as smart is
>you have to remember that, per the developer, the software is still a

Humm, and how are we to determine the author if it doesn't have a help menu 
with an "about" section?

Seems that should also be present in version 0.6 maybe? :-)

Cheers, Gene
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