FC7 from FC6 - Grub non updated [MORE INFO]

Brian Millett bmillett at gmail.com
Fri Jun 8 18:55:56 UTC 2007

Tony Nelson escribío:
> At 4:03 PM +0200 6/8/07, antonio montagnani wrote:
>> 2007/6/8, Mark Haney <mhaney at ercbroadband.org>:
>>> Timothy Murphy wrote:
>>>> Mark Haney wrote:
>>>>> I just did a couple more upgrades, these at my house and on every
>>>>> occasion (without xen kernels installed) grub was NOT updated properly.
>>>>>   In each case (3 in fact) grub.conf was left with the
>>>>> no-longer-available FC6 kernel as the default boot kernel and I had to
>>>>> manually edit it.
>>>> Why was the FC6 kernel no longer available?
>>> No, it was not.
>>>> Was it because you deleted it?
>>> No, because the upgrade deleted it, it was there before the upgrade.
>>>> If so, I would say the error was on your part, not Fedora's.
>>> Good point, except for the fact that it's totally wrong.  Do you
>>> honestly think I'd bitch and moan if it was something I did?  I've
>>> upgraded a dozen machines to F7 now and in 9 of the 12 or 13, grub has
>>> failed to update properly.  Oh, it setup the F7 kernel entry, but didn't
>>> set it as the default boot kernel.  That is a bug.  Plain and simple.
>>> Now /why/ it's a problem on some and not on others, I do not know.  If I
>>> did I'd be posting the answer.
>> in my experience, during upgrades old kernels are always deleted (that
>> might be a problem if the only installed kernel wouldn't work (that
>> never happened to me, but it might happen)
>> I am not a geek, so I do not know if there is any particular reason to
>> remove all old kernel..
>> Generally speaking, I find that grub is generally updated
>> properly...my two cents...
> It is also my experience that all "old" kernels are deleted.  Kernels for a
> different installation are also removed.  As part of my upgrade process I
> make a backup and also put a copy of /boot into /root, and I restore the
> kernels from that from the RescueCD.


Happened to me also.
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