updating Fedora 7 & KDE

David Timms dtimms at iinet.net.au
Sat Jun 9 01:06:32 UTC 2007

Rahul Sundaram wrote:
> Kevin Kempter wrote:
>> Hi List;
>> in the past I've always had to add a KDE repo to /etc/yum.repos.d/ and 
>> run a "yum update" or "yum install <kde stuff>" to get a fully updated 
>> system.
>> Likewise after my initial install I usually had lots of updates to be 
>> applied.
>> Upon installing Fedora 7 I went to the update tool (smart I think) and 
>> I only had a short list of updates.
>> Is this really the full list of updates to bring my system current?
> Yes.
Further to that, there is quite a few updates in updates-testing and 
announced on fedora-test-list. If you would like to help out the fedora 
project, you could enable the updates-testing repo. An update would then 
get these testing releases. They could of course introduce more problems 
than they solve - that is why they are in the testing repository - to 
get wider feedback from real users.

>> When I did the install I went to the dialog to add additional 
>> repositories and it wanted a url and a name only. I had no clue what 
>> url to enter so I skipped it. 
> This is only required if you need to select packages from a third party 
> or custom repository.
The URL to enter must be a folder. The folder must contain the repodata 
folder, which must contain repomd.xml and a few other files that 
describe to yum what packages are available in that repo, and what the 
file locations are.


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