I give up on Fedora 7 going back to FC6

Jay Goodman fedora-list at goody.homelinux.net
Sat Jun 9 03:25:30 UTC 2007

Well when you want to try Fed7 again, your gnome panel problem seems to be
a common one fixed simply by edit /etc/esd.conf and  changing
default_options=-unix -as 2 -nobeeps

> Besides F7 locking the system up, I've had GNOME loose the desktop
> (Panels?) where I had all the windows but the menu bars disappeared.  Or
> I've had the menu freeze on GNOME where the application menu drops down
> and then freezes, all the other windows that are up already continue to
> work fine.
> I do plan on going back to Fedora 7, maybe wait a month or two maybe the
> kernel issues will be straightened out.
> Jeff
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