expert boot option still supported?

Dan ml at
Sat Jun 9 04:31:33 UTC 2007

Is the expert boot option still supported?

I'm trying to install Fedora 7 on a server system, and the installer
always loads storage drivers even with the expert option. If i recall
correctly, in earlier versions of Fedora, booting with the expert option
required you to specify what network and storage drivers you wanted to

Is there a way to regain this functionality?

FYI I'm booting with: xfs expert vnc vncpassword=secret

The server has several devices - megaraid_mbox for the 64bit pci raid
controller, sata_sil for the pci sata card, and pata_serverworks for the
onboard ata.

My problem: F7 installer loads sata_sil first, hence sda being a sata
device, but I want sda to be on the raid controller.


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