I give up on Fedora 7 going back to FC6

Paul Smith phhs80 at gmail.com
Sat Jun 9 12:14:26 UTC 2007

On 6/9/07, Jeffrey Ross <jeff at bubble.org> wrote:
> >> I'm sorely disappointedly in this release, not sure where it went wrong
> >> but...
> >>
> >> I'm going back to FC6, at least it was stable.  Fedora 7 locks up the
> >> machine constantly.  Longest run time I've had with Fedora 7 was roughly
> >> 23 hrs, shortest was about 15 minutes.
> >>
> >> FC6 ran for weeks on end and only got restarted because I downloaded a
> >> new kernel it *NEVER* locked up the machine.
> >>
> >> Besides F7 locking the system up, I've had GNOME loose the desktop
> >> (Panels?) where I had all the windows but the menu bars disappeared.  Or
> >> I've had the menu freeze on GNOME where the application menu drops down
> >> and then freezes, all the other windows that are up already continue to
> >> work fine.
> >>
> >> I do plan on going back to Fedora 7, maybe wait a month or two maybe the
> >> kernel issues will be straightened out.
> >
> > Yes, Jeff, F7 kernel is in fact buggy. However, you can install the
> > last FC6 kernel on F7 and  it works. Here, I am running F7 with a FC6
> > kernel.
> How do I install the kernel from FC6 on the F7 machine?

I am not sure, as I did not install it; I did a yum install of F7 and
the FC6 kernel was already installed. However, you can get the rpms of
FC6 kernel in the updates repositories of FC6.


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