Why I quit Fedora 7

Todd Zullinger tmz at pobox.com
Sat Jun 9 17:36:14 UTC 2007

Karl Larsen wrote:
>> Tim Waugh put a lot of effort into improving printing support and
>> setup.  I've not tested it, as I print things maybe once per Fedora
>> released (paper?  what's that? :).
> I am sorry that Tim Waugh's changes to printing do not work well and
> do not get the proper file to handle this printer. I suggest we go
> back to the old way. It was no problem at all.

I doubt the setup from FC4 will be returned as it has many other
issues for other people.  It'd be better to file a bug about the
problems you've got so that they can be corrected.

>> Thunderbird is included with F7.  There's not really a need
>> to install it from the mozilla web site.  If you do want to install
>> from there, then yeah, you need to take care of installing the much
>> older libraries that they build their installers with.
> I didn't see this in any writing.

That's the case with most any non fedora binary you might install.  It
may or may not be built against the same versions of system libraries
and thus it may or may not work correctly, or at all.  Or it may
require compatibility libs, as Thunderbird does.

> I didn't think you could yum thunderbird but it seems this is the
> only way it will work.

It's surely not the only way it will work, but it's by far the easiest
way.  And it's the only supported way. :)

> No I'm using the Firefox that came in the Fedora 7 package. And it
> is very slow to come up. It seems to work ok but I had trouble
> getting Google to come up on the F7 system. Got it up after a few
> minutes.

That sounds like it could be a network problem to me.  Is there a
similar delay bringing up other sites?  Is there a delay when using
another browser, like epiphany or konqueror?  If so, then I'd look at
the network setup before determining it's a Firefox bug.

> I use Text Editor and OpenOffice and Joe.

Are there specific bugs or problems with them?  I don't use any of
those personally, but I haven't noticed others here mentioning
problems with those apps.

> I have applied quite a few updates over the past few days. And still
> I'm having problems you do not. Not sure why. But for me the basic
> things just do not work.

That does get old, I know.  I have my laptop partitioned so that I can
always keep the previous Fedora version installed.  That way I can
easily boot into a working environment should the new version not
behave the way I want it.

The one problem with going back to FC4 is that it's totally
unsupported now so you don't get any security updates.  If you keep up
on the latest releases for Firefox and Thunderbird, that helps.  But
you still take a risk using an unpatched system on the net.

Hopefully the F7 issues you've got get fixed soon.  The best way to
help ensure that happens is to file bugs for the problems you find so
that the right people will know about them.

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