Virtualisation on F7

Rahul Sundaram sundaram at
Sun Jun 10 01:33:31 UTC 2007

John Lagrue wrote:
> All the press releases seemed to be making a big fuss about
> virtualisation on Fedora 7 when it was pushed out last week. But
> having investigated it I have to admit to being very disappointed
> indeed.
> I need to run Windows guests so (as I understand it) Xen is out of the 
> question.
> So I use the new sparkly Virtual Machine Manager to set up and install
> a Windows guest only to find it doesn't work! As soon as the guest
> tries to reboot it loses any knowledge of the CDROM; and there's
> nothing in the Manager to configure one.
> I manage to work my way around this by running qemu from the command
> line (which sems to conflict somehow the the VMM as it doesn't see the
> now running guest OS) only to find that networking just doesn't
> happen!
> The VMM has no mechanisms for configuring networking, and most of the
> rest of the info I can find is to do with Xen - which I already know I
> can't run.
> Does anybody know if there is any documentation about this stuff? I
> certainly can't find anything that is not months if not years old.
> I realise that I could install VMWare (and then rebuild my kernel) but
> given that Fedora was launched with such a song and dance about
> virtualisation I would rather use the new tools. If they worked!

See Questions can be directed to 
fedora-xen list.


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