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On Sat, Jun 09, 2007 at 09:17:44PM -0700, E. Robert Tisdale wrote:
>    I installed Fedora Core 7 on an older PC.
>    I selected the graphical version of the installer but it automatically
>    switched to the text version (probably because it didn't recognize my
>    monitor).
>    I tried to install everything (custom install) but, when I re-booted,
>    it didn't start gdm and it didn't prompt me for a [non-root] user.  I
>    created an account for myself with useradd.
>    How do get it to start gdm when I boot Fedora Core 7?

Likely anaconda set you up to use run level 3. Try running "startx"
and see what happens. Or, as root, run "gdm".

If that fails, I've found that installing X may not install the driver
you need, so that could be a problem. We'll want the output from
"lspci" to help further if that is the problem.

If running startx is sucessful, you can make it permanent. Check
/etc/inittab for this line:


If you see a 3 in there, then, as root, change it to a 5.


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