Do we have a good alarm clock for the GNOME desktop?

Andreas Bernauer fedora at
Sun Jun 10 12:11:09 UTC 2007

Rogue wrote on Sun, Jun 10 2007 at 15:35 (+0530):
> First up, I am surprised that there is no in-build alarm clock feature 
> in the OS.

If you mean by "OS" "Fedora", there are at least two standard "alarm clock" features:
crond and atd.  The first regularly executes commands, the latter executes
command at a certain point in time.  You can edit the schedule for regular
commands with 'crontab -e', see the man page for the format of the schedule file.
You can execute commands at arbitrary points in time with 'at 2:30 pm' and
then enter the command(s) you want to execute. Finish the list of commands 
to execute with Ctrl+D.

BTW, the first entry on googling for "alarm applet" may be the GUI version
you are looking for.  The equivalent for KDE is called, you guessed it, 'kalarm'
(which was automatically installed on my FC6 system, part of kde-pim RPM package).

Searching on freshmeat also shows at least two relevant projects:



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