F7 auto-rebooting unasked

Andreas Bernauer fedora at lysium.de
Sun Jun 10 12:27:44 UTC 2007

Beartooth wrote on Sat, Jun 09 2007 at 15:54 (+0000):
> I boot up and log into that machine, and do something useful  -- like 
> bring up a browser with a bunch of weather tabs; KVM to another; do 
> things there for a while; and KVM back, expecting to find all the tabs 
> opened and loaded, ready to reload.
> Instead I confront a login screen. When I do log in, the machine takes 
> its whole usual nine yards of time bringing up my panels, workspaces, 
> etc. And the browser I had opened is not launched.
> I have also made sure that the screensaver does *not* lock my screen -- I 
> have no need of that feature, and therefore find it a mere superfluous 
> irritation. (No one else ever touches any machine of mine.)
> So I'm pretty sure the problem (in at least the case where a problem is 
> confirmed) is actual full rebooting, not just a lock nor a logout.

I don't see why you are sure, your machine rebooted.  Did you check the logs?
Do the state a reboot? (eg. check output of `last` for a 'reboot' line).

My X server kicks me out every now and then, too.  The reason here is a the 
buggy fglrx driver which has a memory whole.  When it uses up all the memory 
(eg. when I watch movies), the X server restarts.


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