How to get the update notifications working on a installed Fedora KDE Live CD? + wireless proble

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Sun Jun 10 14:51:13 UTC 2007

Mark wrote:
i don`t know if it`s a bug..
it could be that some packages are just not installed because it`s a
from the live cd. in that case this behavior is intentional.
and i fully agree with you that kde should not be second class.
actually why i`m using it now.. to see if i can improve something
(mostly in skinning i think)

if someone can confirm that this stuff is a bug.
2007/6/6, Kam Leo :
On 6/6/07, Mark  wrote:
Quote:i test for updates by installing an older firefox version :P
Quote:i press the "Software Updater" link in the menu.

and thanx for saying that "check your running progresses to see if
puplet is
Quote:running". i checked it and puplet is indeed NOT running so i
Quote:line in a console window:

ln -s /usr/bin/puplet ~/.kde/Autostart/puplet

that line starts puplet at login and it now shows 1 update available
(Firefox :P)
thanx alot for the help here.
i will post this in a small "howto" on


Please do more than a "howto". Submit a bug report. KDE users should
not be second class.

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I can confirm that it is a bug, of sorts. The problem you speak of is
also present in the full DVD distribution of Fedora 7 using KDE (not
the Live CD, the actual 2.7GB release DVD). I'm still relatively
new to Fedora, so I'd better leave the posting of bug reports to
the more experienced users, but I can tell you that this is indeed
either a bug or a mistake in the way that Fedora's KDE release
is built.


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