I know the answer re: Theater 550 -- now what?

Nigel Henry cave.dnb at tiscali.fr
Sun Jun 10 17:05:47 UTC 2007

On Sunday 10 June 2007 17:00, William Case wrote:
> Hi;
> I unfortunately have an ATI TV Wonder 550 TV tuner card with a Theater
> 550 chipset.  There is no driver for this card and, in fact, it is not
> even listed in the hwdata file.  I submitted bugzilla request 221205 in
> January and have received no notice that anything is happening.  I have
> just googled and found a few current non-Fedora mailing list discussions
> about this non-existent driver.  The prognosis isn't good.
> It seems the fault lies with ATI/ADM.  I have emailed ATI/ADM and been
> told by them that the "card is sold as is".
> I really don't want to buy another card because the ATI TV Wonder was a
> Christmas present and works well in WindowsXP.  Which isn't a major
> point because I spend about 90% of my time in Linux now adays.
> Any suggestions?  Would bugging bugzilla help?  Contacting ATI/ADM
> again?  Does anyone know anything definitive about this card or its
> driver? Or, should I give up and just buy another card?
> --
> Regards Bill

Reluctantly I say, buy another card. I've been back to Jan 2007 on the v4l 
archives, and only one post. This again suggesting contacting ATI/AMD, who 
seem to be reluctant to release details of the chipset.

It says "not yet supported" at,

And at the bottom of the page under "related threads", the first one says 
something similar.

I have an Hauppauge Win TV Express card (bttv driver), and only bought it 
after asking a few questions on lists first. It works fine for analogue TV, 
but saying that, I did have to go through the hoops a bit, setting various 
options, so that I could receive transmissions from France, Belgium, and the 
UK. It was my first TV card, and I think it took about 2 weeks to get it 
working on various distro's, some of which needed different options depending 
on the kernel I was booted up with.

All the best.


btw. Pre next Christmas, put it about a bit, that if your friends/folks are 
thinking about buying you hardware, get them to check out if it works under 
linux before buying.

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