How to change login user picture

David Boles dgboles at
Sun Jun 10 19:09:26 UTC 2007

Giuseppe Giannuzzi wrote:
> Amitakhya Phukan wrote:
>> hi!
>> Giuseppe Giannuzzi wrote:
>>> Thanks Frank,
>>> it works!
>>> Actually I was using KDE and Control Center without success.
>>> So that means that default splash login is a gnome application
>>> and KDE users have no control on it.
>> from your reply, does login screen depend on kdm and gdm ? i think it
>> does. so that if you are using gdm, kde control center can't have any
>> effect. hope i am right.
>> regards,
>> amit.
> As I said, I'm using KDE so I guess I'm using kdm: correct?
> I tried to change user picture by Control Center but no change at login
> screen.
> Then I tried to logon using Gnome session following Frank suggestion and
> finally I
> changed user picture (same result launching gnome-about-me in a kde
> session).
> So I draw the conclusion that picture changing is a Gnome privilege but
> I hope I went wrong in my calculations!
> Regards,
> Beppe

The login screen is gdm not kdm. KDE has no way to change your gdm login
picture. Not what I would call a "Gnome privilege" but a GNOME feature.



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