Email thread template for Fedora 7 installers feeling abused

David Boles dgboles at
Sun Jun 10 19:12:37 UTC 2007

Peter Connolly wrote:
> Since it seems like every major release of Fedora elicits the same
> type of emails, I've decided as a public service to offer an email
> thread template that can be referred to instead of having to read
> through all those other emails...
> 1) User complains that Fedora didn't install correctly and ruined
> their machine.  Flames are optional but are almost always included.
> No details of the problems encountered are given and no bugs are
> filed.  Said user never logs in to the fedora-list again.  Subject
> line is some variation of: "Goodbye Fedora," "Fedora 7 Sucks,"
> "Leaving Fedora Forever,"...
> 2) One or more of the fedora-list faithful try to elicit more detail
> from said user, enjoining him/her to give the list more detail and to
> perhaps (heaven forbid) file some bugs.
> 3) One or more completely different users add to that same thread
> about their specific problem(s).  Subject line remains unchanged.
> 4) The fedora faithful help their brethren with, as usual, some very
> insightful suggestions and ideas.  Subject line remains unchanged.
> All of the above is under a subject heading like "Leaving Fedora
> Forever" which gives the other readers no idea what was really
> discussed in the thread.

I see that you have also been following list traffic.  ;-)



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