Virtualisation on F7

Phil Meyer pmeyer at
Mon Jun 11 05:33:52 UTC 2007

John Lagrue wrote:
> I have read the docs. They however don't seem to say a lot and only
> really talk about installing a F7 guest. I have no need of an F7 guest
> - I'm running it already, so don't need a second copy. But I do want a
> Windows guest, but the docs are of little use at all.
> I joined the feora-xen list but it's pretty inactive, and my questions
> get few anwers, if any.
> My question is pretty simple. How do I install a windows. centos or
> ubuntu guest using my local CD and allowing it to access the net?

You generally don't  You can create an iso image of the installation 
media so that it can be seen from within the virtual host.

This seems to be the 'common' way of doing it.

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