Burning / rights problems

Michael Schwendt mschwendt at gmail.com
Mon Jun 11 07:42:41 UTC 2007

On 11/06/07, Patrick Moelands wrote:
> Hello,
> Going through the archives, I couldn't find a previous reference to a
> problem I have.
> Whenever I start NeroLINUX, I get a message telling me the software
> doesn't have the proper rights to access the dvd-rom-player and the
> dvd-burner. Both devices are IDE, but are recognised as /dev/sg1 and
> /dev/sg2.
> If I issue the following (as root), I can burn. But it is not
> permanent, rebooting re-creates the problem:
> # chmod o+r+w /dev/sg0
> # chmod o+r+w /dev/sg1
> # chmod o+r+w /dev/sg2
> Any ideas how to solve this?

This appears to be specific to NeroLINUX, since other disc burning
software uses devices like /dev/cdwriter or /dev/scd* which are
assigned to the console user at login-time.

If you just want a work-around, you could override PAM's
/etc/security/console.perms.d/50-default.perms with your changes:
"man console.perms"

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