FC7 Thunderbird 2.0 another question

Mark Knoop mark at opus11.net
Mon Jun 11 11:37:05 UTC 2007

antonio montagnani wrote:
> 2007/6/11, Mark Knoop <mark at opus11.net>:
>> antonio montagnani wrote:
>> > I note this morning that in my Thunderbird I don't have the small area
>> > containing the sorting option (all/to be read/labels...and so on) and
>> > the search window.
>> > Where is the option to have them on ? I guess in about:config, but
>> where???
>> > Same problem for all users....
>> They should be available in the customise toolbar dialog. Right-click on
>> the toolbar and choose 'Customise...'.
> Tnx Mark,
> but customization doesn't work.
> If I click on Customize, Pre-set, I see a Search Bar on top, but when
> I close the customization window, everything goes back, and Search
> window disapperars.
> On the other hand, The Search Bar option is not present in View/Tools
> bars in main menus...
> Any idea???

Hmm. Have you tried with a new profile?

thunderbird -ProfileManager

Or try renaming localstore.rdf to localstore.old in your profile.

Mark Knoop

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