googleearth shutdown X server

Claude Jones claude_jones at
Mon Jun 11 13:51:33 UTC 2007

On Sunday June 10 2007 1:42:02 pm Gene Heskett wrote:
> >I don't think that's an F7 exclusive, its doing it to me for googleearth,
> >celestia, and stellarium for the last week or so.  I'm on FC6.
> >
> >Has anyone tried the newest NVIDIA driver, its no longer marked as beta.
> Yeah, I know, its poor form to answer ones own posts, but yes, the latest
> driver fixes all that, from the nvidia
> web page.

Gene: Could you do me a favor? Do you have with this driver you've installed 
a "NVIDIA X Server Settings" option under your system menu? If so, could you 
click on it and open that gui, and then click on the "Open GL/GLX 
Information" button and tell me what it does?

I'm using the latest NVIDIA driver from freshrpms with the dkms package 
installed - it works great for me and glxgears gives me good results and 
google earth works flawlessly, but, when I press that option in the 
configuration gui, my x server immediately shuts down and returns me to a 
login screen -- very strange. 

Claude Jones
Levit & James, Inc.
Leesburg, VA

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