googleearth shutdown X server

Steve Siegfried sos at
Mon Jun 11 14:32:07 UTC 2007

Claude Jones wrote:
> On Monday June 11 2007 9:59:14 am antonio montagnani wrote:
> > I would disinstall Nvidia driver and re-install it. I hade same issues
> > with Googleearth and blender.
> Antonio: I'm not having any issues with googleearth and blender - that's why I 
> asked the question

I had basically the same issues in FC5 (Nvidia driver, googleearth locks
up X11).  The funny thing was this started roughly a month _after_ I'd
installed/upgraded what I thought was the stuff that might have mattered.
Up to that point, everything worked just fine.

It was, however, only 3 or 4 days after installing prelink.  Since then,
a number of other X11 binaries (mostly games) have also started showing
the same symptoms.  I'm thinking there's some code in either the Nvidia
driver (less likely) and/or googleearth and other apps (more likely)
that doesn't play by whatever rules prelink operates under.

Can anyone who is having X11 lockup problems with Nvidia drivers and
googleearth and/or blender confirm that they're NOT running prelink?
If so, I can at least elminate prelink from the list of suspects.



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