Do you use SELinux

Daniel J Walsh dwalsh at
Mon Jun 11 17:47:20 UTC 2007

Norm wrote:
> Richard England wrote:
>> a bc wrote:
>>> how many of you activate selinux in fedora here? i know it will be 
>>> more security for the computer.
>>> is it useful on a desktop computer? why does fedora 7 activate it as 
>>> default?
>>> thanks!
>> It's been on since FC4 on two desktops and one laptop. No issues have 
>> been discovered that can be attributed to SELinux.   Currently have 
>> desktop on 6, one on 7 and the laptop on 6.
>> The more security the better.  I keep abreast of issues as they 
>> appear on this list and others, but I've not encountered anything 
>> that made me need to disable it.
> Do I find SELinux useful? Don't know, to the best of my knowledge I 
> have never had an incident  that "needed" SELinux.  Even though I have 
> not needed it I always run with it as an extra insurance, the minor 
> inconveniences of the occasional tweak to allow some applications etc 
> that I do want to run is a small price to pay for the peace of mind 
> that I am less vulnerable  than I might be to security violations.   
> The troule shooter in F 7 helps fix any admin matters that do arise, 
> always been able to follow their instructions to fix the issue quickly.
I hope that everyone who is reporting that SELinux broke their machine 
is reporting the bugs in bugzilla even if they are turning it off.  
Being good community members.  It is difficult to improve the product 
without getting the bugzillas.

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