help with Fedora core 7 dial-up connection

Pete Cull x2315 PTCull at
Mon Jun 11 18:30:28 UTC 2007

E. Robert Tisdale wrote:
> Phil Meyer wrote:
>> Did you go into system-config-network and ask it to scan for a modem?
>> It will do the right thing.
>> From the menu:
>> System/Administration/Network  -Add -Modem connection.
>> As part of that dialog it will 'discover' your modem.
> I don't think so.
> I got:
>    You have selected the following information:
>    Hardware: Generic Modem
>    Provider name: netwood
>    Login name: edwin
>    Phone number: 8061685
> then I pressed the Apply button.
> Everything seemed fine until I tried to "Activate" the device.
> I don't think that the system ever actually found the modem.
Hello Robert:

I agree that a USR5610B *is* a *real* modem.  I installed my USR5610B
on a Redhat RHEL 3 WS, which later was upgraded to RHEL 4 WS.  I
remember that the modem installation was a bit involved, but that I
eventually got it working through the judicious use of cookbook
instructions from other kind souls from other sources.  I've long
forgotten the procedures but later all was well through kppp.  I know
that USR's rpm at:
was *mandatory* back then.

I can't imagine that you've overlooked this or forgotten it.  However,
that RPM *is* five years old and I'm wondering if it's still viable
for F7.

I do remember that in a Windows XP Pro environment the USR5610B did
appear as COM3 which translated to /dev/ttys2 or /dev/ttys3.  Then,
I seem to remember that we needed to link /dev/modem with /dev/ttys3
or /dev/ttys2.

I hope a bit of this helped and we hope to hear of your successful
conclusion sir.

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