Fedora 7 for Remote Server

Tony Nelson tonynelson at georgeanelson.com
Mon Jun 11 21:18:58 UTC 2007

At 9:58 AM -0400 6/11/07, Eric wrote:
>I'm setting up a server in the next few weeks that will be located remotely
>(next town from here) and will be accessible 24x7 only with a fair amount
>of inconvenience and wasted time (find my key card to the co-location room,
>then drive 30-45 minutes each way and go through normal level of difficulty
>finding someplace to park, etc.).
>The server will serve web, FTP, SSH, Subversion (via svn+ssh protocol), and
>a contacts manager database called Turba running on Horde, both of which
>are PHP applications that run via Apache HTTPD.
>Platform will be 1.8-GHz P4 with 512 MB RAM.  Internet connection will be
>via a multi-megabyte backbone (don't know exactly how fast but it's pretty
>Security is a major consideration and so I'd like to run on the "most
>current" version of Fedora, i.e. F7, so that security issues can be kept up
>to date.
>Is Fedora 7 "ready" for this

No.  Possibly FC6 is "ready", but it is approaching it's sell-by date.

>or am I asking for trouble?

Yes.  Use a stable server distro if you need security.  Security needs
stability in order to find the security flaws.  RHEL 5 (and CentOS 5) have
SELinux, if you want it.

>For the record, I have had no problems ... so far ... with F7 on VMware.

You've up a local test server with F7?
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