two questions from a novice

Jace Carlson jacecar at
Tue Jun 12 00:20:24 UTC 2007

First, I've had this problem with Firefox (under Fedora Core 6) for a 
few weeks, and it is annoying.  I am unable to find a fix on my own, so 
I'll ask here: I upgraded to the most recent 1.5.x release, and after a 
few uses, the next time I start the browser, I get a dialog stating "! 
Error launching browser window: no XBL binding for browser" -- click OK 
and it shuts down.

Second, I'm one of those unlucky few who doesn't have a DVD burner, so 
after downloading Fedora 7, I am unable to install it.  I have a single 
hard drive and a dual boot configuration with Win XP and Fedora Core 6.  
I have a copy of the iso on both NTFS and Ext3.  When I boot to the 
installer, it gives me the option of installing from the hard drive...  
but no matter where I put the iso under XP or FC6, I am unable to find 
it.  The help file says to mount the iso using the following command: 
"su -c 'mount -o loop =t iso9660 <isofilename> <mountpoint>' provided 
that <mountpoint> physically exists.  That works wonderfully...  while I 
remain under FC 6, but when I boot to the installer, no such mount point 
can be found.

For those who say "why don't you install online?" I have managed to do 
that on a secondary computer.  It only managed to take about 20 hours 
with constant interruptions because it couldn't read the FTP source due 
to internet interruptions or whatever, and I had to retry about every 20 
minutes or so...  once hitting <Enter> by accident instead of Alt-R...  
and the thing immediately rebooted, losing every bit of progress I had 
made up until then.  So, I downloaded the iso once again to that 
computer, hoping that I could use the ftp option over my local network.  
However, due to SE settings or whatever, I am unable to ftp or even 
telnet back and forth to a computer sitting next to this one.  Attempts 
to make it work with FTP, http, Samba, NFS, and anything else have 
failed due to my ignorance.

So...  I have 3 copies of the F7 iso within inches of where I need to 
get to it in order to install/upgrade, but I can't for the life of me 
figure out what to do next.  I refuse to use the "online" option again, 
as I don't want to pull out any more hair than I already have on an 
idiotic installer that doesn't even know how to handle an internet hiccup.

Any help would be graciously appreciated.

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