googleearth shutdown X server

Gene Heskett gene.heskett at
Tue Jun 12 02:51:20 UTC 2007

On Monday 11 June 2007, Claude Jones wrote:
>On Sunday June 10 2007 1:42:02 pm Gene Heskett wrote:
>> >I don't think that's an F7 exclusive, its doing it to me for googleearth,
>> >celestia, and stellarium for the last week or so.  I'm on FC6.
>> >
>> >Has anyone tried the newest NVIDIA driver, its no longer marked as beta.
>> Yeah, I know, its poor form to answer ones own posts, but yes, the latest
>> driver fixes all that, from the nvidia
>> web page.
>Gene: Could you do me a favor? Do you have with this driver you've installed
>a "NVIDIA X Server Settings" option under your system menu? If so, could you
>click on it and open that gui, and then click on the "Open GL/GLX
>Information" button and tell me what it does?
Looks to me like its doing as you/I requested, Claude.  Direct Rendering says 
yes, and gives two very long lists of its abilities.

>I'm using the latest NVIDIA driver from freshrpms with the dkms package
>installed - it works great for me and glxgears gives me good results and
>google earth works flawlessly, but, when I press that option in the
>configuration gui, my x server immediately shuts down and returns me to a
>login screen -- very strange.

If that dkms package is a week old, its probably based on the beta version of 
this release which was numbered 100.14.06, and that ones favorite trick was 
crashing x.  This one seems bulletproof.  Its (100.14.09) downloadable from 
the nvidia site, no questions asked.

I understand there were some gimp problems with the .06 version, googleearth, 
celestia, and stellarium would all reset X, which I guess is another clue 
that it's the .06 issue.

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Cheers, Gene
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