Compiling kernel under F-7

Giancarlo del Rossi gdelrossi at
Tue Jun 12 08:26:19 UTC 2007

Timothy Murphy ha scritto:
> What changes does one need to make in the kernel configuration (.config)
> on passing from FC-6 to F-7?
The kernel profile is strong relatived to the hw profile of the system 
and the feature that you use (file system, network topology etc, etc)

> There is a problem running the orinoco_usb driver module 
> with the distribution kernel.
> (The kernel usually crashes when WiFi is started.)
What type of crash ??

Look here for the latest drivers and relatived problems.

The orinoco linux driver (generally and wifi) have a  nice documentation 
here :
> So I am trying to compile a vanilla 2.6.21 kernel.
> This actually seems to run OK,
> but it waits for an extraordinary time
> when it enters the Interactive phase.
> What exactly is going on at that time?
What do you explan for interactive phase  ??


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