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Timothy Murphy ha scritto:
> Thanks very much for your response.
> I've a feeling my problems lie with the new disk driver setup,
> using pata/scsi .
> I'm not sure what one should include in the kernel .config for this.
I dont understand, disk driver setup of what ?? orinoco (if i remember) 
is a wifi device, the readme of svn tell:

Orinoco, Spectrum24 Trilogy and Prism 2/2.5/3 wireless card driver

This document is concerned only with the issues specific to the
standalone distribution of the Orinoco driver.  For documentation about
the driver itself and about the project, see README.orinoco.

Now you tell of pata/scsi, but what is it ???
>>> There is a problem running the orinoco_usb driver module
>>> with the distribution kernel.
>>> (The kernel usually crashes when WiFi is started.)
>> What type of crash ??
> It is a kernel panic,
> with a display of register contents, etc.
> Unfortunately this flashes by too fast to take down.
You make a debug of your system ??

Orinoco supported a various wlan hw profiles  (lucent, Intersil, 
spectrum), what is your??

Make a lspci -vvv and see if you hw is correctly recognized

Check dmesg and boot log and ability the kernel msg in a log file.

To ability the kernel msg modify this entry in /etc/syslog.conf from :

# Logging much else clutters up the screen.
#kern.*                                                 /dev/console

# Logging much else clutters up the screen.
kern.*                                                 /var/log/syslog

what type of computer use ?? notebook ?? what is your profile ??

I suppose you use a fc7, but i386 or X64 ?

Chek this bugzilla:

> Thanks for the pointer.
> I hadn't seen that.
> Unfortunately, though, the author of the orinoco_usb comments
> says that he ceased to run orinoco_usb in December 2006.
> The version of orinoco_usb in use then (which I was using)
> ceased to work with kernels later than 2.6.19 -
> and these older kernels ceased to work, on this machine at least,
> with Fedora-7.
> The orinoco_usb source is somewhat separate from the main orinoco_cs source,
> and is not included with the kernel sources.
> It is very much a one-man operation by Pavel Roskin, I think.

You see a webpage of the official wireless Lan Drivers for the kernel 
three ??

(in every .c source kernel you can read a information of the maintainer 
and the official webpages)

and the orinoco page

and the orinoco page usb

> When the computer says:
> Welcome to Fedora
> Press 'I' to enter interactive startup
> As I said, there is a very long (possibly infinitely long)
> pause at this point -
> I think I woke the machine by typing 'I'
> followed by more or less random characters.
> But what exactly is the kernel doing at this point?
Its a long answer, more of the kernel is the OS that startup the 
relative services/daemon.

The kernel is linked at the relative service and modules.



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