ThatFlemingGent (was Enlartenment.Com) RPMs available for F7

Rahul Sundaram sundaram at
Tue Jun 12 15:36:36 UTC 2007

Michael Fleming wrote:

> Hi Rahul,
> Not all of them - some contain code / links to libraries that are among
> the ForbiddenItems list, others not even close to being up to scratch or
> likely of little interest to the community at large. There's probably a
> couple that are dead upstream too - I've been packaging some of these
> for a LONG time. :-( 

The proprietary or patent encumbered software can be excluded. Maybe 
look at for that. Software that doesn't have a active 
upstream or niche software doesn't have to be automatically excluded. 
Fedora repository certainly has a lot of such software included. Even 
stuff like vixie-cron doesn't really have any upstream activity anymore.
> That being said, I'm looking to toss a few in - the merge has made me
> rethink how I build and maintain my own repository (ie. "It's expensive
> to try and mirror F7 Everything with updates on 512k ADSL here in
> Australia for build purposes" ;-)) and perhaps it's best to get them in
> sooner rather than later.

Right and the "problem" of Fedora repository getting larger is only 
going to increase. Rawhide reports per day has around half a dozen NEW 
packages being added.

Maybe you can list the packages in your repository in fedora-devel list 
and see if other folks are interested in them.


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