F7 DVD problem -

Pedro Fernandes Macedo webmaster at margo.bijoux.nom.br
Wed Jun 13 01:50:30 UTC 2007

Ed Greshko wrote:
> I'm an old hand at this.  I am sure there will be some that will tell you
> that you can set up a "local repo" and use yum.  However, I would simply use
> "rpm -ivh" and if there were any dependency issues I would figure them out
> on my own.

Ouch Ed.. You seem to enjoy self-inflicted pain....
Leaving the sarcasm behing, setting up a local repository using the 
DVD/CDs (in case of previous releases) is quite simple. Let's suppose 
you have the isos. It would go like this:

mkdir /mnt/coreiso
mount -o loop F-7-i386-DVD.iso /mnt/coreiso
mkdir /somewhere/repo
 From now, two possibilities
1 ) cp -R /mnt/coreiso/* /somewhere/repo  
      then edit your fedora-core.repo and set baseurl=file:///somewhere/repo


2) cp -R /mnt/coreiso/Fedora/RPMS/* /somewhere/repo   
     createrepo /somewhere/repo/    (you'll need to install the 
createrepo package)
     edit fedora-core.repo and set baseurl=file://somewhere/repo/   as well

The difference is just because the repodata is in the root of the DVD. 
If you copy only the RPMS dir , you'll have to recreate it.
Now that you got a repository configured, you can export it using NFS , 
FTP or HTTP , so any other machines you have can use it.

The only downside of this local repository is that the Everything 
repository on the mirrors has a lot more packages , but it helps a lot, 
specially since you mentioned you have an annoying FAP.

Pedro Macedo

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