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> Geoffrey Leach wrote:
> > My Internet connection is via a satellite service that throttles
> > the connection once I exceed a number of Mb. I'd like to monitor
> > this so as to avoid unpleasant surprises. I think that what I need
> > here is a specialized proxy. Can anyone point me to a proxy that
> > either does such a thing or is sufficiently simple to be modifiable
> > by a non-guru? Perl preferred, FWIW.
> If you are looking to monitor daily usage and block out bandwidth
> hogs like advert sites, Squid along with daily SARG reports should
> achieve this. SARG rpms are not available for F7 or for FC6 but I
> have used the FC3 rpm on FC6 without any incident.

Another monitoring tool that I myself love, Zenoss.

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