Email thread template for Fedora 7 installers feeling abused

Phil Meyer pmeyer at
Wed Jun 13 19:30:01 UTC 2007

Paul Shaffer wrote:
> My aren't you clever!  Maybe if Fedora didn't routinely fail to 
> perform as expected, this whole topic would be moot.
> But then those of you very clever Fedora faithful would be wont for 
> fodder to express your boundless wit.  How special!

I guess that expectations are the whole thing.

Fedora is bleeding edge, first to ship, with the newest and latest 
'experimental' applications and services.

F7 is specifically made for those who wish to try pungi, livecd-creator, 
revisor, new selinux admin tools, virtual host manager, and several 
other hot technologies and advancements.

If none of those interest you, then you may be in the wrong distro.

Fedora does try to maintain the newest and latest desktop stuff as well, 
but as an aside.  Firefox 2, was NOT back ported to FC6, for example.

The Ubuntu releases coincide with Gnome releases.  The main focus of 
Ubuntu is the Gnome desktop, and user experience quality.

As a result, Ubuntu generally features an 'easier' user experience.  
However, underneath that slick installer is a rigid framework that is 
totally unsuitable for automated roll outs and customizations.  Building 
a server class system from the Ubuntu CD is ... improbable.

Fedora is a more technical Linux release than 'all' others, with an 
added motivation of being a test bed for future RHE (think data center) 

Understood properly, with correct expectations, Fedora continues to 
release technically superior platforms.  The downside is that the new 
user experience may not be as 'easy' as a distro like Ubuntu.

As the Linux community as a whole continues to grow, technologies will 
evolve and merge from all the best sources.  That is the nature of 
freedom in software.

It is unwise of us to expect Fedora to be the easiest.  It may get 
there, but we don't expect it.

Good Luck!

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