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Phil Meyer pmeyer at
Wed Jun 13 20:46:59 UTC 2007

Paul Shaffer wrote:
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>     FYI, I was using Redhat Linux since V3 as I recall, maybe while
>     you were still wet behind the ears?  I is/was (expired) RHCT, V8,
>     so don't take kindly being preached to about what you think Fedora
>     is or is supposed to be, or what any user's expectations are
>     supposed to be.
Preachy?  As apposed to ...
And you are not the only >50 year old person around.
Personally, my opinion of Linux in general was less than complementary 
until about 2000.  It simply did not compare to main stream UNIX on SUN.
>     OBTW, who did the Fedora project appoint to define what Fedora's
>     user expectations are?  Did I miss that somewhere?
>     No, I think you are one of the aforementioned "Fedora faithful,"
>     who wished to somehow characterize recent egregious failures of
>     basic functionality in a more favorable light.
Faithful?  haha
Recent?  There were serious issues with each Fedora release.
>     I've successfully installed, used and been quite happy with every
>     Redhat offering since long before they went public, up to and with
>     the exception of FC7.  And I draw the line where I see
>     self-righeous nerds making this type of banter on what is supposed
>     to be a user-support list.
So you got lucky before.
FC4.  Many folks had to force the error register to reset on the 
bootstrapper by typing something like: linux foobar -- and then 
proceding with the install.  Did you have hardware that just happened to 
have a zreo in the right place?  Many did not.

With FC5, the DVD did not have the correct check sum, thus causing many 
to be concerned about the time and effort they spent on the download.  
Did you just not check it?  Lucky you.

With FC6 the kernel on the released distro was a mess with USB and many 
raid devices.  Again, did you just get lucky?

With F7, again the kernel is a major issue for allot of hardware.  
Especially Core Duo and Core 2 Duo based systems.  So your luck ran out 
and this time you are in the pool of users for whom an issue bit hard.

Many come here angry, as this thread was jokingly referring to.  Anger 
never solved anything.
>     OBTW, I'm not going away and invite all comers to freely hijack
>     this thread at will.  It needs it.

I am not sure what that means ...

If you need to punch someone, my boys are always looking for sparring 
partners, with or without gloves.

Have Fun!

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