Making package-announce more meaningful

Anduin Withers awithers at
Thu Jun 14 00:00:22 UTC 2007

Right now, updates that were announced more close to three hours ago, are
available on exactly one of the servers known as

The repodata on that lone server has not been updated (which is as it should
be, would not want to create issues for yum, though it isn't great for

Now for the real question: Why are package-announce e-mails not delayed
until at least the minimal "available on everything known as" is verified?

I know it is quibbling over what will likely be hours, it just seems that
package-announce would be more useful if one could assume that the
announcement meant that the updated package was available somehow (other
than searching for which mirror is lucky enough to have it).

Yes, of course, I can and will wait for things to work themselves out (as
they normally do), just making a suggestion.

Anduin Withers

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