A word of Thanks - Fedora 7 is awesome !

Claude Jones claude_jones at levitjames.com
Thu Jun 14 03:07:15 UTC 2007

On Wednesday June 13 2007 8:57:48 am Timothy Murphy wrote:
> > I use kmail, and plan to save data and do a clean install soon.
> > Could you tell me what you had to do to save your mail? Are you
> > using kmail?
> The obvious solution is to keep your /home partition
> (assuming it is a separate partition, as it should be).
> You need to be careful when installing F-7
> if you want to do this (keep your /home partition).

It's not obvious. There are many good reasons why I'd rather blow away home 
and start from scratch, and that's why I asked the question. I've kept home 
over many installation/upgrades - I've tried it, I know how it works, and I 
don't want to do it this time

> In my view this should be the default option in the installer.
> I don't share the view expressed here that F-7 is perfect.
> There is a lot wrong with anaconda, in my view.
> In particular the default disk partitioning is very bad.
> I would give F-7 beta minus.

Your social commentary and grade-score is of no interest to me in this 
particular context - I don't use the default partitioning any way - I hear 
people thanking the hard working developers, not saying its perfect, and I 
agree with them - kudos to a fine job, it's not perfect, nothing is - nobody 
would agree on what would constitute perfection anyhow

Claude Jones
Levit & James, Inc.
Leesburg, VA

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